Eduction With Projectors

Projectors allow you to reach students in various ways; they strengthen your interactions with students, adopt a multimodal form of teaching to offer entertaining ways of teaching, gradually embrace e-learning where students could learn from anywhere in the globe and get their lesson objectives and information across.

Our Projectors

At ITS, we have all different of projectors to suit your needs, whatever they are,
long throw: Perfect for large rooms like large halls and business presentations and requires at least six feet in distance.
Short throw: Projects far greater images at much shorter distances.
Ultra short throw: Projects a large image at a very close distance from the screen.
Theater projectors: Produces clear images up to 300 pixels and capable of generating sharp images as large as 120 pixels.
Whatever you need, ITS is your go-to place .

HD Document Cameras and Visualizers

Visualizers or docu-cams capture documents, textbooks, 3D objects, artwork, and mobiles phones then stream a video in real-time to another computer or gadget like a computer-projector collaboration that helps your teaching material to be presented for an entire classroom.

Education with HD Document Cameras and Visualizers

Our HD cameras are largely invading the educational field as a friend to educators and a tech ally that allows any lecturer or teacher to display 2D or 3D objects to a distant audience. Their benefits are infinite which makes them an irresistible fit for teachers at all different levels of education.